Dear Mr John,

After you gone from our office yesterday, i had re-install and configure
my IDS including the DRDA. As you have said, that the connection error 
with IDS by using db2jcc.jar that appeared in my case, caused by
unconfigured DRDA. And after i install it, the error have been resolved
very well, it cold be connectd.

But there is another error while I tried to connect with the  error:
feLoaderException: Schema load failed - feLoaderException: Replica server
load failed: IDS SQL Error: SQLCODE=-256,
Do you have any suggestion for me to resolve the problem please..

Thank you

Imam F Rozi
RCS - Solusi247
Segitiga Emas Business Park unit no.6
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio kav. 6, Jakarta 12940
Phone: +62 21 57951133,
Fax: +62 21 57951138

>Dear Imam,
>         Good to hear that you had setup the DRDA driver to connect to
> Informix database.. The current error mentioned below is  due to  that
> your current IDS database does not support  transaction. The default
> logging mode of IDS database is no logging mode  and hence your BEGIN WORK
> or COMMIT WORK statement will not work.  I recommend you to create a
> database with transactional logging enabled.
> dbaccess -> database -> create -.>RCStest -> Log -> buffered or log ->exit
> -> create database.
> Also  kindly send me  the sample  connectivity program ,  so that I may
> understand which step  is causing you an error.
> I have attached  the  Lab cache presentation for your reference on how to
> setup and test the IDS Cache with soliddb.
> kindly let me know if you need any further assistance.
> Regards,
> John Isaac
> Information Management Architect
> IBM Software Group